Customised products

    Attention! The list of ceramic products manufactured by our company, goes beyond the contents of this directory. We work out and manufacture ceramic products in accordance with customer’s specifications.

    One of the activities of the company is the production of technical ceramics and refractories to meet our own needs, as well as the diverse needs of consumers on the basis of customer’s drawings. Experienced engineers delve into the problems of clients and offer suitable and acceptable solutions for them. If your product is substandard, we will design and manufacture tooling to produce it.

    The plant has mastered the production of ceramic materials based on aluminium oxide, which are widely used in various fields of industry. Depending on the purpose and conditions, ceramics is made of different structure and porosity. We are also ready to supply you with the products with high demands on the dimensional fidelity and surface quality, as well as the ones which require machining processing.

    We will be glad to receive your inquiries, in which you point out your requirements as for the product and operating conditions, with the accompanying drawings or samples.