Spacers for reactors


They are designed to provide space in the elements of the magnetic system of a core and oil-filled reactors.

Insulating spacers are made of ultraporcelain have high mechanical strength and low dielectric loss.

Fidelity of size and shape of ultraporcelain parts is provided by further grinding with diamond tools. The task of grinding is more accurate size of details of the first and the second groups of accuracy in accordance with GOST (National State Standard) 107.750750.001-88.

Product description
    Spacers are manufactured in the form of discs with any customer ordered combination of the diameter and height in the range:
  • a diameter of 20 to 100 mm in every 5 mm, with a tolerance of ± 2 mm
  • the height of 4 to 70 mm for every 1 mm
  • The intervals of diameter and height can be changed on request.
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