About us

LLC “Korundkeramika plus” – was founded in 2004 as a manufacturer of ceramic goods for various industries, such as metallurgical and electrical ones. Currently, the company is a modern, dynamically developing manufacturer of technical ceramics. For 7 years of development, the company has gained recognition in the international market – since 2011, more than 40% of the produced volume of products has been shipped abroad.

The company’s products can be divided into following types:


The widest range of products is produced by the method of dense mullite siliceous ceramics (MSС) drawing. Products are manufactured in accordance with technical specifications Data Sheet 26.2-33273315-001: 2005 “mullite-siliceous products”, which were established by the company, and duly registered.

Mullite-siliceous ceramics with a mass fraction of Al2O3 of more than 50%, has zero water absorption, high electrical insulation properties and fire resistance – 1750 °C. Articles made of it operate at temperatures up to 1350 °C.

Products MCS are manufactured in the form of cores, circular and profiled pipes with a diameter of 1.5 to 103 mm. with one or more channels, pipes with sealed end. The length of the product is from 10 to 2000 mm. Manufacturing technology guarantees a high dimensional accuracy with minimal tolerances.
For the needs of the electro-technical industry, and production of transformers in particular, the company manufactures products of extremely dense ceramics by dry pressing. One of such product is a ceramic spacers, designed to provide the space between the elements of the magnetic system of core oil-filled reactors.

The spacers are made of high-alumina material and meet the requirements of GOST (National State Standard) 20419-83 group 600 subgroup 620.
Spacers keep their dimensions and physical and mechanical properties during the whole lifetime of a reactor up to 30 years, with little pulsating load of 50 ± 20 kg / cm, they are also neutral to the transformer oil and epoxy binder for a lifetime. Gaskets are manufactured in the form of discs with any combination of diameter and height, ordered by a customer.

Machining the workpiece surface is carried out to produce surface finish of a given class. This operation is done with a diamond tool on high performance grinding machines, and it provides a thickness tolerance of not more than 0.02 mm.

The company also has the facilities to produce electrical insulators of various application and geometrical form. Products are made of ultraporcelain (mass fraction of Al2O3 is 80-86%) or injection moulded cast steatite. Such electroceramic products fully comply with the requirements of GOST (National State Standard) 20419-83 group 700 subgroup 780 for ultraporcelain, and group 200 subgroup 220 for steatite.

The third group of ceramics include grinding bodies in the form of cylinders of different sizes, and the lining for ball mills in the form of straight and trapezoidal block. The use of these materials, extends the life of ball mill and prevents size reduction of the metal, which increases the purity of the milled material.

To conduct the processes at high temperatures, the company produces fireclay ammunition – high and low saggers, plates.
The company “Korundkeramika plus” is ready to consider non-standard individual requests. Enterprise technologists will work out manufacture ceramic products strictly according to customers’ specifications.

Plant laboratory provides technological processes monitoring.

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